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Seattle expects to gain 115,000 new jobs and 120,000 new residents in the next 20 years. As a community, we want to ensure that this growth is positive for our economy and our neighborhoods. You can help.

This summer Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development started a major review of the Seattle Comprehensive plan. They are asking for your help and input on how to shape the city’s future.

As residents, we can all help plan how to secure and sustain Seattle’s quality of life. We’re challenged now by recession and the predicted changes to our city arising from climate change. But we also have opportunities to manage our urban design, including open spaces, transportation, opening our downtown to the waterfront and expanding our urban villages.  We can align our infrastructure investments with where the city is growing.

We also need to think about climate change. How can we help residents of our cities 50 years from now, when rising sea levels might affect our drainage and water systems? How can we continue to attract the best of the best to our vibrant, innovative, dynamic city?

Take the Comprehensive Plan Survey. Share your vision and hopes for the Emerald City.