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One of the more ambitious projects leading up to The Next Fifty at Seattle Center is the P3 project: People*Passion*Purpose: A Learning Odyssey. Out of a pool of applicants, twenty-five people from Washington State will be chosen. Each will be paired up with a mentor, and over the nine months leading up to the start of The Next Fifty, they’ll identify that which truly moves them and work in tandem with their mentor to pursue that passion.

Along the way, these “voyagers” will document the road they’ve chosen and the process by which they intend to get there, including the obstacles and challenges that are sure to be experienced along the way. We’ll witness the evolution of these individuals both online and in a documentary film that’s scheduled to debut in August of 2012 as part of The Next Fifty celebration.

Intrigued? Visit the website to learn more about the project. P3 wants those who dream big, who really want to follow through on exploring what they truly love. There are no constraints – P3 is for anyone, regardless of educational, ethnic, or economic backgrounds.

P3 is taking applications from all interested parties, but you can also nominate another person. But hurry, as applications are due this Friday, August 19th. Non-English speakers are encouraged to apply, and translation services are available.

 The Next Fifty Seeks Participants for People Passion Purpose:  a Learning Odyssey

One week remains for Washington state residents to sign up for the learning experience of the next half-century. People * Passion * Purpose (P3):  a Learning Odyssey will follow 25 people for nine months as they identify their deepest passion and pursue it. P3 is an activity of The Next Fifty celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. The deadline to apply or nominate someone to participate is Friday, Aug. 19, 2011.

During the nine months of P3, participants, called voyagers, will be paired with a mentor, or guide, to support them as they imagine new possibilities, challenge their own assumptions, encounter obstacles, and have the courage to expand beyond who they are to learn and grow. Voyagers and guides will document their experiences, efforts, struggles, achievements and realizations.

The P3:  Learning Odyssey aims to offer insights into how we as individuals learn, pursue our greatest passions, support learning in our community; and therefore, can move civilization forward into the next 50 years.

The Next Fifty will share publicly the materials generated during the nine months on the web and in a documentary film, making the findings widely accessible to outside observers and researchers. The findings and participants will be featured in Aug. 2012 during The Next Fifty month of Learning.

The Next Fifty is actively recruiting participants who represent the broad demographics of Washington State. Organizers see P3 as an opportunity for people who are looking to apply themselves in new ways, challenge themselves in a supportive environment, and learn with and among others.

 For more information on P3 and The Next Fifty, visit or call 206 684-7200.