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Seattle City Council President applauds WSDOT’s SR 520 project

Council President Richard Conlin

Seattle City Council President applauds WSDOT’s SR 520 project
Federal Highway Administration signs record of decision

Seattle – City Council President Richard Conlin released the following statement commending the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for receiving federal approval on the SR 520 Project record of decision. This approval completes the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process, ensuring that the bridge replacement design and construction can continue to move forward.

"This critical step in the EIS process is essential to getting the vulnerable bridge span replaced as soon as possible. This decision allows WSDOT and the Seattle Department of Transportation to continue working to improve safety, transit and bicycle/pedestrian mobility across Lake Washington and through Seattle.

"After 14 years of planning and process we are seeing the results of immense hard work across multiple public sectors. This decision will continue the work to bring more jobs to our region. It also provides assurances to affected communities that their interests will be protected through measures such as traffic calming and community involvement during construction."

Find more information on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) signed record of decision here.

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