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Planning & Development needs your help with the Comprehensive Plan

The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is updating Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan – the vision for how Seattle will evolve over the next two decades. A population increase of 20% is predicted, and the City needs to plan on how best to improve opportunities in housing and business and provide for public services.

DPD has a great overview of the Comprehensive Plan available online. Included in that overview is a public involvement plan that outlines the schedule for the public participation process, the methods and tools the department will use, and what materials and information will be produced and available for distribution as a result of that process.

There’s also a brief survey available on the site that allows users to rank and prioritize the goals driving the Comp Plan review and update. It takes about ten minutes to complete. The public’s contribution to these outreach efforts will influence the final decisions. Please take the survey and share it!

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