A great Saturday on Beacon Hill

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Saturday was a celebration of people power. I met up with the folks from Beacon Walks and Bikes for a special “PPPP,” otherwise known as a People-Powered Park Parade. The group has earned a Small & Simple Grant from the Department of Neighborhoods to design a proposed bicycle and pedsestrian path on North Beacon Hill, and our parade of strollers, bikes, pedestrians, dogs, and the special pedal-powered float followed the proposed route from Jefferson Park down to Lewis Park.

Our destination was also a celebration of the great work accomplished by Friends of Lewis Park, who’ve worked tirelessly to restore the Lewis Park natural area. The park stewards have also been awarded a Small & Simple Grant to support their efforts on the steep hillsides of Lewis Park.

There’s nothing better than a Saturday celebration, especially one that involves the efforts of a enthusiastic and involved community. Dylan Ahearn, Dee Dunbar, and everyone involved in these projects deserve recognition for their efforts. Our afternoon was spent with a great BBQ, tours of Lewis Park, entertainment, and quality time with neighbors and park advocates.