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Happy Friday, Seattle! While this is the second day of sun in a row, I hear we are due for about ten days of rain. If you are stuck inside and want to learn more about what is going on in Seattle city government, check out these two videos.

This first is a press conference I participated in with Mayor Mike McGinn and fellow Councilmembers Licata and Conlin. This press conference shared how the Mayor and Council will work together to continue addressing the issue of homelessness in Seattle. We are taking two steps to alleviate immediate concerns, but we will not stop there and we will continue working to make Seattle a place where all our residents have a safe place to lay their heads at night. (The entire conference video is about about 30 mins, my remarks start around eight-and-a-half minutes in.)

This next video was recorded last Friday and aired this Wednesday on the Seattle Channel. The show is City Inside/Out: Council Edition with host CR Douglas and has received 17 Emmy nominations this year! It is a fun show to be on with my colleagues as it gives us a chance to discuss our perspectives on the issues of the day. This month we covered a range of topics, from the SR 520 floating bridge to paid sick leave to road diets to encampments for the homeless. Check it out!