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    Finally — Affordable Lockers Now on Site at Roy Street Shelter!

    January 4, 2017 Waking up and still having our shoes within reach is something many of us take for granted. But for those who are homeless it is not so simple. Many people experiencing homelessness have told me that whether they are in shelters or on the streets, they must sleep with one eye open, […]

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    Learning from Germany’s Education System

    This past week, eighteen of us from the City of Seattle and the Port of Seattle went to Hamburg, Germany to see how their city has rebuilt and transformed into the vibrant community it has become.  We met with leaders who are addressing urban transformation and inner-city development, port partnership and trade development, educational and […]

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    2016 In Review!

    Representing you on the Seattle City Council is a great honor and I treasure every day of it. I am proud that Seattle continues to be a leader in driving progressive and smart policy–secure scheduling, paid leave for employees, gun responsibility, coordination with city, county and state governments and public health improvements are just a […]

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    2017 budget adopted! Addressing homelessness, creating safe communities and devising system-wide reforms

    After many weeks of intense work, Council has adopted the 2017 City budget, and I am very pleased with the priorities we supported next year. We are moving forward in many ways that matter greatly to me. In this budget, I remained focused on three main priorities: to address homelessness, to create safe communities in […]

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    The Sun will Rise Again this Morning

    I am deeply disappointed by the outcome of the presidential election. The people of this country have elected a man who repeatedly demonstrated his disrespect for so many – to women, Latinos, Muslims, Black Americans, his contractors, his past wives and people with whom he disagrees. The world is shocked by this decision; so am […]

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    Transitioning From Tents to Stability: Moving Faster to Get People Inside

    Homelessness is the most talked about issue in town right now. At dinner parties, community meetings and even at a friend’s wedding Saturday night, people want to talk about how to shift from tents in their neighborhoods or along their drive home, to building more homes and stable shelters for people experiencing homelessness. Guests peppered […]

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    The Conversation about Encampments and Sweeps Continue

    Last Friday, October 14, 2016, in my Human Services and Public Health Committee we discussed two substitute versions of CB 118794 about encampments and sweeps.  If you missed the four hours of controversy, you can catch up: watch Seattle Channel’s   Video link here. Links to the underlying legislation, and two substitutes — one offered by […]

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    The Task Force on Unsanctioned Encampments — 17 Principles

    On October 3, 2016, the Task Force on Unsanctioned Encampments issued its report.  The sixteen members and leaders offered the following 17 Principles.  I am grateful to all who were involved, including co-chairs Sally Clark and David Moseley, and the facilitator Kjris Lund.  The names of the sixteen participants are listed below. When it is necessary […]

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    Seattle may be slow, but we are catching up

    In 2011 my friend Rep. Cindy Ryu drafted a bill to give cities authority to reduce city street speeds. The bill was based on research coming out of the UK and our own local friends in Portland among others, confirming why a “20 is Plenty” plan reduces injuries and accidents for all modes of traffic and brings […]

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    Creating the Seattle Success Story for those who are unsheltered

    On September 8 in my Human Services and Public Health committee we explored the conditions of being homeless in Seattle.  National experts offered their research and recommendations here: Barb Poppe, Focus Strategies, and the Mayor’s Pathways Home reports. You can watch the Seattle Channel video of the meeting attended by a majority of my Council colleagues here. We know that […]

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