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    Council Approves 2016 City Budget

    On the Monday the Council approved the 2016 City of Seattle budget. As Chair of the Council’s Budget Committee, I was responsible for assembling a balancing package for consideration by the City Council. The budget passed by the Council focuses on urgent, immediate needs. I believe that when more people have a chance to reach […]

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    Budget Victories

    This was an exciting budget season with passionate testimony and messages directed to the Council daily.  This was my final opportunity as a Councilmember to work for the goals that are most important to me.   I am pleased that all of my recommendations were approved by the Council. We were fortunate that during our budget […]

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    Budget: End of Round 1

    Round 1 of the Council budget review concluded on Monday.  Now we move into the phase of the budget where it’s important for people to express their support for the budget action items they favor. During the next week, councilmembers will be gauging public support on items that could make it into the budget package […]

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    Urban Politics #383 Explaining the Mystery of the City Budget

    This may sound like a boring topic with a title that is trying hard to make it exciting. However, if I were to title it “How to spend a million dollars,” you might read it. And, hopefully you are right now. So here it is in a nutshell. The City’s 2016 Budget determines how your […]

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    City Council 2016 Budget Schedule

    Seattle Mayor Ed Murray today released his proposed 2016 budget and proposed 2016-21 Capital Improvement Program. The City Council’s Budget Committee will begin its consideration of the budget on Thursday, October 1, with an overview provided by the City Budget Office. Public input is vital to Council review and helps Councilmembers develop a budget that […]

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    UP #367: Fair Trade Music Seattle

    Are you aware that musicians must often “pay to play” or play for “zero minus expenses” – the venue pays them nothing while they must cover their own costs? Does that seem fair?

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    WHAT’S NEW? On Wednesday, April 1, 2015, the City of Seattle’s historic new minimum wage law goes into effect.   All employers will have to pay their employees a minimum of $11 an hour, but those employers with 500 or fewer employees can count tips and medical benefit payments to help them reach the $11 minimum […]

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    March Council Edition

    The March edition of Council Edition is available online. Councilmembers O’Brien, Sawant and I join host Brian Callanan to discuss the city’s housing crisis, including tenants’ rights, encampments, and linkage fees. We also discuss participatory budgeting and Seattle’s minimum-wage increase.

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    Participatory Budgeting Forum, March 12

    The Seattle Human Services Coalition and I will co-host a forum about Participatory Budgeting, and discuss how it’s worked in other cities, and how it could work here in Seattle. Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a city budget. The forum will be on […]

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    Visiting YouthBuild.

    Guest post by LaTonya Brown, Legislative Aide Sally and I visited YouthBuild, a nationally recognized pre-apprentice construction training program housed at the Georgetown campus of South Seattle College. This was an amazing and heartfelt tour that every public agency contractor and labor group should invest the time to attend. We were joined on the tour […]

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