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    It’s Time to Tax the Rich

    For decades, poor and working class people in our state have paid far more of their income in taxes than big business and the super-rich. Now with Trump’s billionaire-backed right-wing administration threatening further massive tax breaks for corporations and the super-wealthy alongside vicious cuts to social programs for ordinary people, hundreds of thousands are getting […]


    Councilmember Johnson on Funding Seattle Public Schools’ Bell Times Switch

    Councilmember Rob Johnson (District 4, Northeast Seattle) issued the following statement after Council unanimously approved funds to support Seattle Public Schools switching to a two-tier bell system: “As a Councilmember and a father of two daughters in the Seattle Public School system, I believe students’ health and academic welfare will be bolstered by supporting the […]


    Tax the Rich Legislation Released in Seattle!

    On June 12, 2017, I released draft legislation along with Councilmember Herbold to tax the rich in Seattle. The press release can be read here, and the full legislation is available here. I ran for office four years ago on a program of a $15 per hour minimum wage, to tax the rich, and for […]


    Councilmember Harrell’s, Burgess’ Statement on SPS Bell Time Funding

    Council President Bruce Harrell (District 2, Southeast Seattle) and Councilmember Tim Burgess (Position 8, Citywide) issued the following statement after the Full Council moved to hold legislation which would have repurposed $2.3 million in Families & Education Levy dollars to pay for school bus transportation services: “When Seattleites approved the Families and Education Levy, they […]


    Seattle Defies Trump, Maintains Commitment to Paris Climate Accord

    Council unanimously approved a resolution today committing the City of Seattle to uphold its portion of the United States’ former commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, and reaffirming Seattle’s target to reduce City greenhouse gas emissions 58 percent below 2008 levels by 2030.  After President Trump announced his intentions to withdraw from the Paris Accords […]


    South Park Public Safety Task Force; MHA Amendments & Upzones; Your Voice, Your Choice Voting through June 30; Pulse Vigil; Office Hours

    South Park Public Safety Task Force Update During the 2017 budget process, Councilmember González and I co-sponsored a budget action to create a South Park Public Safety Task Force during 2017. South Park had the 3rd highest number of gunshots reported in Seattle neighborhoods during 2016, and the highest increase over 2015, according to Seattle […]


    Councilmember Sawant Introduces Bill Requiring Voter Registration Cards Be Provided to All New Tenants

    Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle) introduced a bill to require that landlords include a voter registration form and voter registration information among the required documents provided to all new tenants in Seattle.   Seattle’s voters need to update their registration every time they move to participate in Washington’s vote-by-mail system. Renters move more […]


    Sweetened Drink Tax; South Park Pride Picnic; Highland Park Find It Fix It Walk & Roundabout Design Funding

    Sweetened Drink Tax Yesterday, in the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee the public finally saw the newly proposed bill for the sweetened drink tax.  This has been an issue that I’ve been tracking closely for the last couple of months as I’ve had several concerns about not only how to spend projected revenue, but […]


    Councilmember Bagshaw’s Statement on 2017 “Count Us In” Tally on Homelessness

    Councilmember Sally Bagshaw (District 7, Pioneer Square to Magnolia) issued the following statement following the release of the 2017 “Count Us In” comprehensive tally of people who were sheltered and unsheltered in Seattle and King County.  The new, more comprehensive count for Seattle found 4,619 people living in either emergency shelter or transitional housing, and […]


    Regarding the Shooting on Alki; SOCR Commission Work Plan and Expansion; Police Accountability; Fair Chance Housing Taskforce; In-District Office Hours

    Regarding the Shooting on Alki Councilmember Gonzalez held her Gender Equity, Safe Communities, and New American’s committee this morning.  On the agenda was a presentation about the Seattle Police Department’s response to gun violence.  Although I am not a member of the committee, understanding how deeply our community was impacted by this tragic event, I […]

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