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Parking Legislation Update; Alki Vehicle Noise Enforcement; Civil Legal Aid Update

Parking Legislation Update The final vote on the parking update legislation will be this Monday, April 2 at Full Council. My two previous reports about this legislation can be found here and here. The version of the bill that passed out of committee on March 21 can be found here. I proposed a few amendments, […]


Seattle City Council Opposes Federal Changes to 2020 Census

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda (Position 8, Citywide) initiated a council letter signed by all members of Seattle City Council to Secretary Wilbur Ross at the U.S. Department of Commerce opposing the proposed changes to the 2020 census. “We have a duty to represent the over 700,000 people who live in Seattle, and without accurate data from […]


Proposed Ethics Code Legislation; In-District Office Hours

Proposed Ethics Code Legislation On Tuesday, the Governance, Equity, and Technology Committee heard legislation regarding an amendment to “the Seattle Municipal Code to require City Councilmembers to disclose financial interests in legislative matters under consideration by the City Council prior to participating in those matters, and creating a limited exception to the requirement that City […]


Council Halts Rent Bidding Apps, City to Evaluate Impacts to Housing Access

Council adopted Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda’s first piece of Council-developed legislation by a vote of 8-0 today, putting a moratorium on “rent bidding” platforms in Seattle. This burgeoning new technology allows landlords to competitively auction rental housing units to the highest bidder via applications.  The “rent bidding” legislation gives Seattle the opportunity to understand the applications’ […]


South Park Update; In-District Office Hours; Progressive Revenue Task Force Final Recommendations; Property Tax Update 

South Park Update Here’s an update on implementation of recommendations of the South Park Public Safety Task Force, most recently discussed here. Below are updates on public safety, lighting, parks and transportation. The Public Safety Coordinator position seeking bids from community based organizations who will then hire and supervise a city-funded public safety coordinator for […]


Age Friendly: Respect and Social Inclusion

*Originally Published in the Queen Anne and Magnolia News “Every time I read or hear the words “the elderly,” I feel a lump in my throat,” writes Adrienne Ione, Founder of Silver Linings Integrative Health. Adrienne goes on to say, if we were to reference any one group as “the ____” it would be “so […]


Progressive Revenue Task Force Issues Final Recommendations

The Progressive Revenue Task Force (PRTF) released its final report today with the unanimous consent of its 17 members. The City Council formed the PRTF to explore potential new progressive revenue options including an employee hours’ tax (EHT) and to identify potential investments that address Seattle’s homelessness State of Emergency. The PRTF members highlighted the […]


Celebrating International Women’s Day; Report on SPU/SCL Call Center; Parking in the West Seattle Junction; Hate Crimes Audit Update

Celebrating International Women’s Day On Monday March 5th the Seattle City Council and Mayor Durkan signed a proclamation declaring Thursday March 8th, 2018 as International Women’s Day.  The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is Press for Progress.  This year the Seattle City Council and Mayor Durkan celebrated International Women’s Day with a proclamation (please upload document and […]


March 5 Deadline for ST3 Early Scoping Comments; Addressing Sexual Harassment; Property Taxes in Seattle; February Constituent Emails

Reminder: March 5 Deadline for ST3 Early Scoping Comments Monday, March 5 is the deadline for submitting comments to Sound Transit as part of the ST3 scoping process for light rail from Downtown to West Seattle. You can submit comments at Sound Transit’s online open house; here’s a link to the “Alternatives” page, where you […]


We Need a Safer 35th Ave NE

I have been hearing from many who live and work near 35th Avenue expressing both support for and concerns about the upcoming paving project. Ultimately, I still believe that the proposed changes will result in a safer corridor for everyone traveling through the neighborhood and will help allow more people to choose to walk or […]

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