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    Housing Affordability Update // Crescent-Hamm Landmark // Youth and Family Justice Center // Responding to the President’s Executive Order

    Update on the Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) Timeline I wanted to make sure that you heard from me first that the office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) is amending the schedule for release of the draft EIS for the proposed citywide MHA zoning changes and now it is anticipated to come out in May. […]


    Councilmember Juarez’s Statement on Monday’s Wells Fargo Legislation

    Councilmember Debora Juarez (District 5, North Seattle) issued the following statement today about this Monday’s forthcoming 2 p.m. vote to lapse the City’s depository services contract with Wells Fargo: “Earlier this week my colleagues and I voted unanimously in favor of effectively removing more than $3B of the City’s funds from Wells Fargo Bank. We […]


    Did you join the protest at SeaTac airport last Saturday? Send us your testimony!

    After the pepper spraying and brutal treatment of protesters at SeaTac, my office and I are working with the National Lawyers Guild to propose legislation to prevent the SPD from participating in outrages like this in the future. If you witnessed or were the victim of police violence and/or harassment, and would be willing to […]


    Homelessness Update

    Many constituents have asked where we are in the process of addressing Seattle’s homelessness crisis. The proposal of CB 118794 last fall shined a spotlight on areas where the city needed to step up. While that piece of legislation did not move forward, I am glad that it ultimately inspired the council and the executive […]


    Dive into D5!

    Once again!Join Councilmember Juarez and local leaders for a community celebration at the Shanty Tavern in Lake City. Learn more about Councilmember Juarez’ 2016 budget wins for North Seattle including significant investment in human services and local infrastructure. Share your thoughts and priorities with the Councilmember Juarez and enjoy the company of your neighbors and […]


    Connecting With the Library’s Daily Readers

    The Seattle Public Libraries (SPL) offer a lifeline for people who are experiencing homelessness. Libraries offer community spaces to get warm, rest, access the internet, use the bathroom, and read without being disturbed. SPL has also worked hard to reduce barriers to using the library, like issuing library cards to people without a permanent address […]


    Seattle Divestment from Wells Fargo Moves Forward in a Stunning Rebuke of Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Billionaire Class

    Today our movement won a major victory against Wells Fargo, Big Business, and the corrupt financial sector! First and foremost, I want to thank the Standing Rock Sioux, and those who joined them on the ground in North Dakota. I want to thank the #NoDAPL Seattle movement – Indigenous activists, 350 Seattle and a multitude […]


    Why We Need a Center for Public Media

    We could sit back and watch as our media voices are consumed by the economic forces wreaking havoc on our traditional media and our president pursues his vindictive and destructive attacks on journalists. Or, through city government we can do our part to make sure we have many thriving, independent, objective, and fact-based media voices in Seattle.


    Take Action Right Now

    The temperament and character of Mr. Trump are on full display; it’s not pretty or comforting. In fact, it’s downright scary.


    TONIGHT! Emergency Mass Rally to Defend Immigrants (5PM, Westlake)

    Emergency Mass Rally Against Trump’s Muslim & Immigrant Ban! TONIGHT! 5:00 PM at Westlake Plaza (400 Pine St) Release All Immigrant Detainees! No Ban! No Wall! No Deportations!   Sisters and Brothers, Yesterday was an historic day of national resistance to Trump’s hateful attacks on immigrants, Muslims, communities of color, the environment, and ordinary working […]

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