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    Defund Keystone XL! Fill City Hall for the Final Council Vote on 4/3 at 2 pm!

    On March 24, 2017, President Trump announced his approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, and our local activist community did not hesitate to begin building the fightback! Organizers from 350 Seattle, indigenous leaders, and members of the #Defund DAPL coalition reached out to my office and asked me to co-author a resolution calling on the City of […]

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    My Speech at the Umoja PEACE Center Defense Protest

    Yesterday, I wrote Mayor Murray, Sheriff Urquhart and Chief O’Toole to urge them to immediately halt the physical eviction of the Umoja PEACE Center, one of the pillars of the Central District and Seattle’s black community. Nothing demonstrates the unacceptable impacts of gentrification and de facto redlining taking place in Seattle like the eviction of […]

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    Do Not Evict the Umoja PEACE Center! A Letter to Mayor Murray & Sheriff Urquhart

    On March 15, 2017, I sent the following letter to Mayor Murray, Sheriff Urquhart, and Chief O’Toole, opposing the eviction of the Central District’s Umoja PEACE Center. Dear Mayor Murray, Sheriff Urquhart, and Chief O’Toole; I am writing to urge you to immediately halt the physical eviction of the UmojaFest PEACE Center House, a pillar of […]

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    My Speech on International Women’s Day 2017: Build the Fight for Women’s Rights and Against Trump!

    On March 8, 2017, over a thousand people braved wet and cold weather to rally on International Women’s Day in Seattle. The energy at the rally demonstrated the emergence of a new women’s movement in America. Amidst renewed attacks by Trump and the Republicans on abortion rights, trans rights, and health care, millennial women and […]

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    The Socialist Response to Trump’s Address to Joint Session of Congress

    On February 28, 2017, Trump gave his first address to joint session of Congress. I gave the socialist response. Tuesday February 28, 2017 Sisters and Brothers, In just five weeks, Donald Trump has unleashed a series of vicious attacks on one group of Americans after another: From his Muslim ban to the ramping up of […]

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    When Trump Attacks Trans Community, We Organize & Fight Back with Solidarity!

    On February 22, 2017, Trump issued another toxic executive order, this one rescinding Title IX protections for trans students. Grassroots movements have succeeded in winning better protections in Washington state than in other states. The Gender Justice League has noted that “Washington State Schools must obey the Washington Law Against Discrimination and the HCA Guidance […]

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    Inside the SeaTac Airport Shutdown

    Since Trump’s inauguration, millions of people have protested in opposition to Trump’s xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, and bigoted agenda. Civil disobedience and temporary shutdowns of airports nationwide on January 28 won the release of immigrant detainees, and played a decisive role in defeating Trump’s attempted Muslim Ban. The success of such non-violent direct actions shows that […]

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    Solidarity Letter to Security Workers at Amazon

    On Thursday, February 16, 2017, I sent the following letter to security workers at Amazon and their labor allies who are organizing for workplace rights and against Islamophobia. These workers will hold a pray-in demonstration tomorrow, February 17, 12 pm, at Amazon HQ. Dear Amazon security officers and allies: As a Seattle City Councilmember, a socialist, a […]

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    My Speech on Our Victory in Seattle to Divest $3 Billion from Wells Fargo

    On February 8, 2017, the movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline won a significant victory when the Seattle City Council unanimously voted on the bill I wrote with activists to divest Seattle from Wells Fargo. Below are my closing remarks. Thanks to all the Councilmembers for voting Yes on this legislation. As far as I […]

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    Did you join the protest at SeaTac airport last Saturday? Send us your testimony!

    After the pepper spraying and brutal treatment of protesters at SeaTac, my office and I are working with the National Lawyers Guild to propose legislation to prevent the SPD from participating in outrages like this in the future. If you witnessed or were the victim of police violence and/or harassment, and would be willing to […]

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