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    Schneider, Carroll and Allen – Sign Colin Kaepernick!

    On May 19, 2017, I wrote the following letter to Seattle Seahawks General Manager John Schneider, Head Coach Pete Carroll, and Owner Paul Allen, asking them to sign Colin Kaepernick as backup quarterback. Dear Seattle Seahawks General Manager John Schneider, Head Coach Pete Carroll, and Owner Paul Allen: I am writing to convey that Colin Kaepernick […]

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    My letter to Office of Labor Standards: Please investigate retaliation claims by Amazon/SIS security workers

    On May 3, 2017, I sent the following letter in solidarity with Abdinasir Elmi and Betiel Desta, two Amazon security workers being targeted for retaliation by an Amazon contractor, Security Industry Specialists (SIS). Elmi and Betiel were part of a delegation on May 1, International Workers’ Day, that included faith leaders, security officers, and supporters […]

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    Demand affordable housing now – pack City Hall May 3rd!

    Sign Ethiopian Community in Seattle’s petition demanding Council fund their affordable housing project! While developers rake in huge profits, outrageous rents are driving ordinary people, especially immigrant families, seniors, and communities of color, further out of Seattle and away from existing services, schools, and community support. With the average Seattle apartment renting for $2,100/month, a person must […]

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    Unanimous Vote in Favor of May Day Resolution: City Workers Can Now Rally for Immigrant and Workers Rights on May 1 Without Fear of Retaliation

    On April 24, 2017, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution brought forward by the May 1 Action Coalition, the Coalition of City Unions, immigrant rights activists, and me, proclaiming City of Seattle workers have the right to take the day off on May 1, 2017 without retaliation. The resolution further asks that all […]

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    My Speech on the Creation of a Legal Defense Fund for Immigrants Detained by ICE

    On April 17, 2017, the Seattle City Council voted to allocate $1 million to create a Legal Defense Fund for immigrants detained by ICE. It’s essential that we back legal action with mass political action. See my full remarks below. I am very happy to be able to vote in favor of this ordinance to allocate $1 […]

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    My response regarding allegations against Mayor Murray

    On April 12, 2017, I issued the following statement. Since Thursday, our city has been shaken by the allegations of sexual abuse brought forward against Mayor Murray. While I cannot speak to the veracity of the claims, allegations of rape and abuse should always be taken seriously and investigated with care and diligence. I also […]

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    Council Majority Shamelessly Vote Down Affordable Housing in South Lake Union

    On April 10, 2017, the Seattle City Council voted in favor of upzoning South Lake Union and Downtown. Councilmember Herbold introduced an amendment to increase the pitiful 2.1% affordable housing requirement included in the bill to 5%. This should have been a straightforward yes vote for a City Council that claims to be progressive. And even 5% […]

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    My Speech at the March for Health – Build the Fight for Medicare for All!

    On April 1, 2017, I rallied with healthcare providers, labor activists, and ordinary people organizing for world class healthcare to discuss the defeat of Trumpcare and how we can build the movement for “Medicare for All” style single-payer healthcare in Washington and the US. See my speech below (video may not be visible if you are […]

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    Defund Keystone XL! Fill City Hall for the Final Council Vote on 4/3 at 2 pm!

    On March 24, 2017, President Trump announced his approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, and our local activist community did not hesitate to begin building the fightback! Organizers from 350 Seattle, indigenous leaders, and members of the #Defund DAPL coalition reached out to my office and asked me to co-author a resolution calling on the City of […]

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    My Speech at the Umoja PEACE Center Defense Protest

    Yesterday, I wrote Mayor Murray, Sheriff Urquhart and Chief O’Toole to urge them to immediately halt the physical eviction of the Umoja PEACE Center, one of the pillars of the Central District and Seattle’s black community. Nothing demonstrates the unacceptable impacts of gentrification and de facto redlining taking place in Seattle like the eviction of […]

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