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    My Response to Mayor Murray’s Resignation

      I join the working people and community members of Seattle who are understandably relieved at Mayor Ed Murray’s resignation. I had made clear in my July 31 Editorial that while no one should be tried in the court of public opinion, Murray had failed as an elected leader by repeatedly attacking the character of […]

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    Councilmember Kshama Sawant responds to Amazon’s announcement it will build 2nd headquarters

    SEATTLE – Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle) issued the following statement after Amazon announced its intention to develop a second headquarters location outside Seattle: “Amazon’s quest for a second massive corporate base is reminiscent of Boeing’s ongoing efforts to ship jobs out of the Seattle area and hold us hostage. For decades, Boeing […]

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    My Statement Regarding Trump’s Attack on DACA

    On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, Trump announced an end to the DACA program. Below is my statement in solidarity with our immigrant sisters and brothers: Donald Trump’s egregious attack on the lives of over 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients is part of his promised all-out right-wing assault on immigrants. As an immigrant […]

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    Build the Affordable Housing Alliance! Sign-on to the Fight for Economic Eviction Assistance today!

    Skyrocketing rents are forcing thousands of renters to move out of their homes, sometimes every year as rent increases of 10%, 50%, and higher become increasingly common. The Affordable Housing Alliance is working to build a movement of tenants to fight for massive investment in publicly owned affordable housing, and rent control. We are also […]

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    Seattle Renters: Share Your Economic Eviction Story!

    Join Seattle’s Affordable Housing Alliance! Fight for affordable housing, rent control, and economic eviction assistance! Skyrocketing rents are forcing thousands of renters to move out of their homes, sometimes every year as rent increases of 10%, 50%, and higher become increasingly common. We know the cost to tenants and communities is enormous, but our stories […]

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    Editorial: Murray Should Resign, and the Council Must Show Leadership

    On July 31, 2017, I composed the following Op-Ed regarding new abuse allegations against Mayor Ed Murray. It is time for Mayor Ed Murray to resign. While the legal outcomes for the allegations against Murray remain unclear, the most important question facing Seattle’s working people has already been answered. That question is one of leadership. […]

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    Seattle Taxes the Rich! Onward to Rent Control! My Speech at the Final Vote

    Since I first ran for office, Socialist Alternative and I have organized for a $15 minimum wage, taxing the rich, and rent control. We won $15/hour, and now our growing movement has taxed the rich! But we know our work is far from over. Big business, the super-wealthy, and the right-wing plan on taking our […]

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    Petition: Justice for Charleena Lyles! We demand an independent, community-based investigation into Charleena’s killing!

    We, the undersigned, have no confidence that an internal police investigation will find justice for Charleena. We demand Seattle’s Mayor and City Council appoint an independent, community-based committee, empowered to investigate Charleena’s killing, with full access to case evidence, witnesses, and department policies. Nationwide, of 1,155 people killed by police in 2016, only 13 officers […]

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    Questions for SPD on the Killing of Charleena Lyles

    Earlier today, my office asked the Seattle Police Department (SPD) questions about the horrific killing of Charleena Lyles.  Charleena was killed by police in her home, in front of her children. This horrific killing happened just two days after the officers who killed Philando Castile were found ‘not guilty’ in Minnesota. Let’s stand in solidarity […]

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    It’s Time to Tax the Rich

    For decades, poor and working class people in our state have paid far more of their income in taxes than big business and the super-rich. Now with Trump’s billionaire-backed right-wing administration threatening further massive tax breaks for corporations and the super-wealthy alongside vicious cuts to social programs for ordinary people, hundreds of thousands are getting […]

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