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    Councilmember Gonzalez’s Response to Pronto Bike Share Vote

    Thank you for taking time to write in about Pronto Bike Share.  Over the past several weeks, I have received hundreds of calls and e-mails both expressing support for and opposition against saving the existing bike share system. I will be frank: I struggled with this decision.  That struggle was wedged between my belief that […]

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    Fencing off The Jungle will not help our homelessness crisis

    The growing crisis of homelessness in our region is larger than the reach of a single solution, implementation of a single strategy, or responsibility of a single elected official or human-services provider. It’s a shared crisis rooted in interrelated problems of poverty, addiction and mental illness. It is larger than a single city, region or […]

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    Tackling the Homelessness Crisis & Public Safety

    One Night Count 2016 I never expected this job to be easy, I don’t think anyone does. This week has proven especially challenging as an elected official, as an advocate for the underrepresented and, frankly, as a fellow resident. Last night, I joined 1,000 volunteers in the Seattle-King County One Night Count organized by the […]

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