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    Action Summary, Monday 10/15/12

    The following is a summation of Council actions at today’s 2:00 p.m. Full Council meeting.

    No absences.


    1. Council Bill 117548 PASSED (7 – 2, Clark, Rasmussen Opposed)

    Relating to campaign contribution limits; amending Sections 2.04.370, 2.04.375, and 2.04.480 of the Seattle Municipal Code; and mandating that the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission Director report on the effect of this ordinance. 


    2. Council Bill 117609 PASSED AS AMENDED (7 – 2 Conlin, Licata Opposed)

    Related to a new multi-purpose sports and entertainment facility; authorizing the Mayor to execute a memorandum of understanding with King County and ArenaCo; to execute an interlocal agreement with the County; and superseding the authority provided by ordinance 123979.

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