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    Seattle Launch of the National Caring Across Generations movement

    On Saturday, February 11, I attended the Seattle launch of the national Caring Across Generations movement.

    An American turns 65 every 8 seconds.  The nation’s population is aging and more families heed the help of caregivers or have to themselves care-give for their loved ones.

    The Caring Across Generation movement has 5 objectives:

    • 2 million new jobs in home care.
    • Protect workers and recipients of care.
    • Improved job training and career ladder access.
    • Citizenship for participants in training programs.
    • Support of unpaid family caregivers.

    I myself have an adult stepson with a disability; I understand how Seattle families – as well as those across the country – are facing economic and health challenges because of the inadequacies of our current system.

    Seattle is the third city to launch a kick off and many more are scheduled. If you’d like to learn more about this exciting movement, consider attending their next meeting on Wednesday, February 28 from 4:00-6:00 pm at Casa Latina (317  17th Ave South, Seattle 98144).  Check out their website here.

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